Urban Parks & Recreation Alliance

The Pennsylvania Urban Parks & Recreation Alliance assists urban areas to increase the effectiveness of their parks, green spaces, and recreation programs to enrich human connections, foster community, enhance the environment and grow the local economy.

Alliance members and supporters gather in Reading, PA for an Urban Parks & Recreation Exchange. The Alliance, comprised of volunteer citizens, conducts educational programs, trains community leaders, and promotes public policy that offers solutions to real community issues.

Free! Urban Recreation Roundtable
Friday, May 1, 2020
1:15 PM

The PA Recreation & Park Society is hosting the second Urban Recreation Virtual Roundtable (Surviving the Covid-19 Crisis) via Zoom to provide a networking platform for professionals in the field of Urban Recreation to share issues and brainstorm ideas about how they are moving forward during this stressful time. The facilitators, who work in the field, hope to have a virtual discussion on several topics of concern. Bring challenges and a celebration to the discussion and plan on joining us. For more information, visit www.prps.org/virtualroundtables.

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